Tina S:


The PLACKETT SIMONS DUO were fabulous and made a huge difference to my event. They were punctual and smartly attired. My friends and family really  enjoyed the wide range of music and the quality of the playing was exceptional.


Karen M:


Would recommend Plackett Simons Duo for your party or wedding. The music was just right to enhance the atmosphere and it was never too loud. Will be inviting them again to my next big family do! 


Carole C:

Really great music from this duo, which all my guests loved. Lively music contrasted with reflective ballads. Thoroughly recommend for parties indoors or outdoors.

They don’t need a lot of space which is an added bonus. 

Janine G:

The Plackett Simons Duo greatly enhanced my anniversary party. 

Superb music, just the right atmosphere. 

Punctual and smartly dressed.

Highly recommend for parties, weddings, and the like.